The Program

The ISGM PGA Diploma is a 3-year programme, is the internationally recognised qualification for the golf industry, registered with SAQA at NQF level 5.

The ISGM PGA Diploma aims to provide students with the best knowledge to advance their skills in business, management and for the game of golf. The program offers students access to a number of golf’s leaders and students will have access to the latest practice methods, information and technology available in the golf industry.
The program discusses the best management practices and latest trends that are implemented as part of a professional’s every day role in the golf industry, and the programs rigorous practical hours (including coaching) ensure graduates are guaranteed to enter the industry with a competitive advantage over graduates from other institutions.
Students on the program receive intensive training for their golf performance and towards a career in the golf industry and have the choice between a professional playing career and a career within golf such as coaching or golf club management.

The ISGM PGA Diploma is accredited by the PGA of South Africa, in partnership with eta College. Endoresed by the Mauritius Golf Federation (MGF).


Components of the Diploma

Performance Development

Students receive top performance training from the ISGM coaching team, using the PGA’s TOTAL GOLF Coaching System. Skills training and technical coaching comes in the form of both individual and group sessions. Group mental sessions are conducted and individual sessions are available at additional cost. 

Fitness training is provided at our on-site fitness centre where students golf-fitness levels are assessed each cycle using the Titleist Performance Institute’s screening methods. Each student receives individual fitness training programs based on these results.

ISGM PGA students train at first class facilities. The campus is situated at Avalon Golf Estate, Bois Sec, Bois Cheri, Mauritius.
Students play a full tournament schedule at top-rated golf courses across Mauritius. They will become members of Avalon Golf Estate and receive unlimited rounds of golf.

An Order of Merit is formed from the regular 18, 36 & 72-hole tournaments. All vital statistics are recorded and used to form the student’s development process and a matchplay championship is also held throughout the year.

Prizes are awarded for the leading players on the Order of Merit.



Academic Component

The Diploma is registered with SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) under the title: National Diploma – Club Professional Golfing (SAQA ID: 73209), which carries an NQF level 5.

Our leading academics and golf experts mentor students in each of the PGA academic subjects:


Business Finance
Business Law
Golf Retailing
Leadership, Management & Marketing
Personal Career Development


Introduction to Coaching
Swing Technique
Short Game
Fault Finding
Coaching Children

Sports Science

Anatomy & Physiology
Sports Psychology
Injury Prevention
Skills Acquisition
Nutrition & Health
Principles of Biomechanics
Training & Fitness for Golf

Golf Specific

Equipment Technology
Tournament Organisation
Rules of Golf
Course design & maintenance

Practical Learning                       

The learning process includes an intensive practical element to compliment the theory.

Work placement programs in the golf industry are arranged throughout the 3 years of study, giving the students a wide range of practical experience in areas such as retail and golf club management.


ISGM is accredited to present the programme by the PGA of South Africa and CATHSSETA (Accreditation no. 613/P/000216/2012).